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Interview with Careca Akarue CEO of Eurufly

Tell me about your career/work prior to Eurufly - have you always been an entrepreneur?

With 30 years combined in the social and business sectors, Careca has pioneered various projects, founder of Liberty4Africa an International N.G.O., with a focus on Health, Youth Development & Renewable Energy. Also, I was deeply involved in 7yrs pastoral duties, reaching out to lost, hopeless people with the gospel of Christ. I had strike a balance in helping people with not just the word of hope and faith but providing a platforms that can empower them financially, so I began my entrepreneurship journey as sale professional, my first sales company was Forever Living Products (FLP), in 3months generated a business turnover of over $190,000 in sales, ever since then sales is now in Careca's DNA, and built massive teams across the African, Europe and North American markets, as Careca built a Network Marketing empire and signed out with the best selling book titled: Eurushaga, reviewed Bob Proctor and four Millionaires. The visionary of Changeface - talent hunt platform - Fashion, Music, Modeling, Makeup Artist. In early 2000 I also stepped into the aviation space as a travel consultant and today we have a travel and tour company Eurushaga Travel & Tours.

The CEO of the Eurushaga Ltd, a company that provides products and services in global emerging markets, the president of the University of Eurushaga - the birthing place of entrepreneurs, a platform where Careca campaigns "Money Has Moved" and the school education focus on primary blockchain Technology, smart contracts, IOT and digital currencies. 2015 Careca created the LED - "Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Developers" a platform to promote blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies. The Founder of Blockchain Consulting Ltd. He is an advocate of cryptocurrency, successfully open the African markets for three blockchain firms.

Careca is an inspirational/Blockchain speaker across Africa, North America, and Europe, He was a speaker and panel at Blockchain 360 and IOT Security at Boston MA. USA, Topics: Examining Practical Blockchain Uses across Various Industries? Decentralized the Aviation Markets, and The expectation of Crypto currency and what to expect in 2018.

Tell me about your blockchain interests outside of Eurufly.

Firstly, is Cross-Border Payment and renewable energy supply with blockchain. I actually got involved in the blockchain with proof of concept of cross-border payment, which with blockchain financial transactions can be peer to peer taking away the intermediary and making fees cheaper. Energy/Power supply is imperative to any local or international communities, with the use of blockchain a huge reduction in the non-manufacturing costs associated with solar energy, which represents nearly 30% of installed solar costs. Using smart contracts and proposed mapping environment, we can streamline the solar supply chain and get resources to people who need them.

Where did you get your idea to disrupt the luxury transport industry?

It all started after a gave my car as a love gift to mission works, thereafter was using Uber, so one blissful morning as my habit is to walk every morning at the beach, the idea dropped on me, I asked myself a question "if I want to request a private jet how will I get one?" Immediately Uber-like Private Jet Charter came to my thought, and I began to process the idea, and as you may know, I am in the blockchain space, we began to decentralize the idea and created this unique new ecosystem for luxury transportation and related industry.

Tell me what Eurufly is/does - walk me through the project.

The emergence of distributed ledger technology, autonomous drones, and sensor networks presents a tremendous opportunity for aviation companies globally. In many cases, these technologies will create entirely new markets and asset classes for carriers that are able to safely navigate the emergent nature of these technologies present.

EuruFly has developed a luxury aviation platform designed to capture these future value streams with scalability in mind. Using a multi-chain architecture, the EuruFly Platform delivers enhanced identity security, a commoditized points system, optimized baggage handling, and clearer communication channels for consumers that demand a seamless, state - of - the - art travel experience.

At its center, Eurufly is intended to build access and benefit to under-used private planes and helicopters. Utilizing the Eurufly stage, which is accessible even on cell phones, customers are engaged with a faster basic leadership process with regards to obtaining extravagance transportation administrations. Alongside travelers, pilots excessively get advantage from EuruFly's foundation through the stages capacity to straightforwardly interface them to customers without the fit of rage of an intermediate administration, which implies a traveler can choose the pilot with whom they would be agreeable to fly with and the other way around.

Why blockchain?

We are creating an entirely new ecosystem in which aviation markets can transform to a more distributed platform better suited to handle the globalized economy of tomorrow. Using our platform, clients and carriers can connect cheaper, faster, and with much more benefit than what is currently possible using today's database architectures. Through our integration with Ethereum, we can create an entirely new market as well, with EuruFly's FFP being the only aviation reward point capable of being easily auditable, tracked, and traded in financial markets. Using Civic, we create a multi-chain architecture in which our platform can verify identities cheaper, faster, and with more assurety, while never sacrificing the speed or global reach our clients demand. The core of the EuruFly Platform is built using Hyper Ledger Fabric, a smart-contracting blockchain that is able to ensure agreements between two parties Unlike any other blockchain project on the planet, EuruFly has identified a scalable method that brings different emergent technologies together to create a state-of-the-art experience for distributed aviation markets. Alongside our enterprise partners, EuruFly is the ecosystem of tomorrow, delivered today, and always on time

What other have blockchain based organizations you worked with / founded?

Blockchain Consulting (BC) Ltd is committed to providing profitable blockchain financial strategic plan for businesses in the global emerging markets. The need for business evolve cannot be overstated especially in this era of disruptive technologies which has made profitable businesses bankrupt, assets to become liabilities. The University of Eurushaga - the birthing place of entrepreneurs, a platform where we campaign "Money Has Moved" and the school educates primarily on Blockchain Technology, smart contracts, IOT, and digital currencies. created the LED - "Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Developers" a platform to promote Blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies. Advisors for blockchain firms and ICO's such as Harvey Woods, Equity Network, Digital cooks of Lekki,

What kind of support will you offer your customers?

Using the EuruFly Platform, which is available on mobile devices, clients are empowered with a quicker decision - making process when purchasing luxury transportation services. underutilized fleets will strive on the Eurufly Platforms resulting to cost efficiency, and for carriers, more revenue as empty legs flight can be book easily through the EuruFly app.

Designed to challenge the conventional aviation business model through a single, distributed logistics platform, passengers can get convert their frequent flyer points to cash or digital assets/currencies. Access discounts when they shop online from partners business or services and get financial incentives through the mechanism of Euruflycoin.

Enhanced security in areas of identity and data, optimized baggage handling, and provide a hassle-free experience for both clients and pilots globally.

Why do you see decentralization as the key?

It is very imperative in the distribution of wealth on an equal plain field to many people who plug into or innovate with this open source protocol, the proliferation of blockchain technology allows the current global cooperation architecture to be transparent and eliminate the misalignment of interest. In my own words, SEC is an anomy of Shareholder, Employees, and Costumers.

Shareholders want Maximum Profits while Employees desires rewards & security and Costumers demand the best services and products. The Decentralized Cooperation through the mechanism of tokenization has the ability to solve all these issues
- There is no misalignment of interest because is open source and anyone in the ecosystem can innovate around it, share value because if anyone profits all parties profits.
- Tokenization gives the alignment a sense of shareholder. Imagine you an employee is been paid a salary but holds the tokens of the company? Even if he is sacked or resigns as longs as he holds the token of value he will still promote the assets because it empowers he or here financially. Or costumers can only buy your best products unless you own a token. The decentralization is a pathway to distribute well to a large community.

Why did you decide to go the ICO route?

The world financial system is over 400yrs and is absolute, we are in a new system of funding or wealth creation, from traditional VC's to ICO's. we have seen over 2Billion of dollars invested into ICO's projects. No knock to VC's but the later gives a better opportunity for any startup to raise money from any part of the world and giving an average income earner to investors the platform to participate and get ROI.

Basically creating better financial incentives for the 97% of the world population, as only 3% controls the world's wealth. Through the mechanism of ICO, early investors can buy into the aviation market anywhere in the world with a little as $0.2cent and take bitcoin as proof of concept ($0.6 now 6k plus), In the midst of price is a parameter of sentiment the underlying principle has not changed.

Eurufly provides a proof of travel tokens that gives regularly or luxury traveler the opportunity to take control of travel experience and have finical leverage, imagine Euruflycoin with 6months or by 2020? Integrating the value we bring to aviation and related industries and strong strategic partners we have built in the space.

In the midst of price is a parameters of sentiment the underlying principle has not changed, as Unicorn company we don't want to cut off guard, because money is a literally in data and software, money has moved from paper to digital, with 2Billion are unbanked globally, ICO such Euruflycoin can give larger opportunity for those with inadequate financial services to able to buy or pay for travel expenses get frequent flyer program reward points in digital currencies and shop online. `B2B business will thrive on this platform generating more business turnovers and building strategy partners.

How is blockchain in Africa? Compared with other markets?

There need to mass adoption from governments, private and public sectors, NGO's and entrepreneurs etc - The mass-adoption of blockchain technology will have a tremendous impact in Africa. The barrier of access to financial services causes potential innovations to go under-funded, drastically reducing any ventures ability to fund activities that would otherwise create meaningful growth in their respective economies. The proliferation of blockchain technology creates a cheap and transparent solution to this problem and will allow for us to essentially leap-frog innovation and quickly capture emerging economic growth streams.

The two major improvements that are the most significant for Africa is the ability to open up the average person to a network of global, cross-border payment channels that is cheap as well as the blockchains ability to increase the transparency of financial network activity both at the micro and macroeconomic levels.

P2P and mobile banking networks allow for the individual to rapidly access a global financial network. This means that innovative ventures in more remote regions are now able to get funding from the international community. More importantly, these individuals and communities can also receive this funding using a cheaper financial infrastructure, so they do not fall victim to predatory exchange rates that are often ridiculously expensive.

The blockchains ability to create transparency in an economic system are also of great value to Africa because it creates economic stability. Viewing this transparency from the security domain, the blockchain can offer the government a way to have a better control and insight into the types of transactions that occur throughout the economy. This is extremely valuable in places where illicit transactions and supply - chain networks often subsidize negative growth activities using hand - to - hand transactions of fiat currency rather than mobile - to - mobile transactions of digital currency. Although the blockchain is anonymized at the protocol layer, the technologies that deliver the blockchains functionality (mobile devices) to the user are not. This means that the government can identify illegal transactions on the blockchain and attribute identity to the transaction through mobile devices if need be, which is a powerful tool in tackling issues such as terrorism and drug/human trafficking financing.

So there been a huge improvement, most blockchain used case thrive in Africa more but the challenge is the sustainable partnership with startups, funding, and regulation to empower the project in the blockchain space. That whey EuruFly is the game changer with her multi - chain platform for the aviation market because the number is poor to imagine that only 2% of Africa Aviation has been maximized.

How successful are ICOs in Africa?

When compare to West or Asia is relatively low in numbers but we are seeing a turn over the past two years. I was only Africa to speak at Blockchain 360 & IOT Security in Boston MA, such moves by Leaders speaking in International Blockchain Conferences, Advisory Board of ICO is literally paving way for Region. Our greatest success was early 2018 when a Nigerian Blockchain Startup SureRemit Raises $7 Million in Biggest African ICO to date, it shows Africa startups can be trusted with financial resources, as well shows its possible for others. Because there is no competition, if one ICO succeeds we all win, the competition is towards the scammers that we want to drive out of the industry.

Where do you see your target market - investors and customers?

Our primary target is the Aviation market. - Airlines and Aviation companies, Hospitality industry, VC's firms. for customers the luxury traveler, as well as the 3billion that take the skies yearly and related industries, attached travel.

What is your roadmap?

Interestingly our EuruFly App and Web platform will be available Q4 and the development of Eurufly multi - chain platform with the integration of Ethereum and civic blockchain for pilot and carriers, in December the EuruFly Token payments, please roadmap on


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