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Press Release

IDGO is set of decentralized tools that aims to create a popularization of blockchain for the masses.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we develop our solutions directly in coordination with communities in immediate need for blockchain. Our blockchain identity solution is already released with our first community partner:

Locals and tourists can already apply for their local ID:

The second aspect of IDGO is decentralized banking. We offer local cryptocurrencies (pegged on KINWA) that can replace fiat for daily trading, with no transaction cost and high transaction speed. To the wallet Dapp and community cryptocurrencies is also added a decentralized credit system, allowing to loan and borrow without the intermediary of a bank. By working with marginalized communities, we have the opportunity to create a fast adoption of our solutions (by responding to an immediate need). This strategy allows us to improve our solutions and generate an user base before scaling up on a global level.

The third aspect of IDGO is the culture mining platform. IDGO allows culture miners (artists, traditional crop farmers, traditional architects, etc.) to propose their activities and be certified by their community. The platform can then match the cultural bearers with the interested volunteers and tourists. The community tokens are leveraged for airdrop in cultural activities and can be earned by volunteers and tourists for community support.

The culture mining serves both as a boost for the adoption of IDGO's solutions and as an accelerator for scaling the project horizontally. With the culture mining platform, we multiply the number of applications and participants while strengthening the value of community cryptocurrencies, which benefits the KINWA tokens' holder simultaneously.

Finally, as IDGO targets the popularization of blockchain and mass adoption of community cryptocurrencies, the valuation of KINWA can easily multiply hundred folds with joining participants. Even at this early stage of implementation, the potential is immense. The tourism market is worth hundreds of millions of USD per year for the island of Lanyu and by moving to the IDGO ecosystem, the community cryptocurrency pegged to KINWA could capture the whole value of the tourism market; creating a novelty and also demand from the very beginning.

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