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The leader of the Mumiy Troll group Ilya Lagutenko starts cooperation with the global musical blockade platform Soundeon , in order to create a support mechanism for young musicians, based on the V Rox festival

Platform Soundeon covers all aspects of the music industry, from the creation and licensing of the product, to the market for reselling rights to existing and future music assets, as well as concerts. The achievements of blocking technology have made the Soundeon platform fair and fair to musicians, as well as listeners who support them.

Taking into account the desire of the majority of Vladivostok, Russian and musicians from all over the world to find more opportunities to present their material to the global market of the country and the world, while maximizing the opportunity to" monetize "their own creativity, we are engaged in studying relevant trends in modern technologies. Soundeon seems to me the optimal timely solution, which can most honestly help independent artists control the business side of their creativity without mediators, Lagutenko said.

The main goal of the project is the development of new methods and technologies to support young musicians, which will enable them to effectively earn in international markets. Work on the project began in May, after Lagutenko became a member of the advisory board of Soundeon. His vast experience of festivals and technological innovations of Soundeon will help to bring V Rox to a new level in terms of supporting young talents and create a unique innovative project that will change the traditional music industry in favor of artists.

For the first time on one platform, everything you need for a musician is collected to punch his way into the music business, not relying on the support of managers and producers, and to be completely financially independent. Listeners can also take part in a career of musicians by financing music projects through the platform and getting income from this along with musicians.

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