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Nikolay Shkilev

  Location: Russia

Job Title:

CEO | ICO Advisor | Crypto enthusiast |
Blockchain expert |

Has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction
projects. He has many awards and titles in the IT
business. Self-Made Russia award. Tech guru. Super TOP
award etc. Founder and CEO of Private Business
Club. His Holding received "Enterprise of the Year"
award in the Kremlin. Has a business in
various directions. Co-Founder "Top ICO advisors".

Luca Cotta

  Location: Italy

Job Title: launching ICOs,
Influencer, IT expert.

Collaborated with a number of different companies
in the crypto-world (since 2010) within support,
marketing and even as a technician. Helped many ICOs
succeed - the last one was "ETHLend" which sold out
in just 77h. Prevented about 20 different ICO scams
based on my methodology. Interested in crypto-currency
since its very beginning of 2010.

Igor Karavaev

  Location: Russian Federation

Job Title:

ico advisor and investor

I am a serial advisor to ico projects with a great
potential, providing turnkey solutions, connecting
them with all necessary support such as ico consultants,
crypto lawyers, marketing and community managers,
crypto funds and investors, crypto exchanges etc.

Tinh Tran

  Location: Vietnam

Job Title:

ICO Advisor | ICO Communications Expert

Mr. Tinh is an internet marketing, affiliate marketing
and communication expert with 15+ years of experience.
He started his career as an internet marketer since 2000
and became a leading blogger and internet marketer in
Vietnam. Mr. Tinh is also a crypto enthusiast and helped
a number of ICO projects with great success since 2010.

Nozomu Nakazato

  Location: Japan

Job Title:

ICO consultant

As an agent, I have a partnership with many projects and
companies, and develop services such as marketing and
listing. Especially I have a strong connection to the
Japanese market. By engaging in the initial stage of the
ICO project, it is possible to make a wide range of
activities including building business schemes, consulting
white papers, recruiting investors.

Irina Nikitina

  Location: Russia

Job Title:

ICO Advisor

Irina Nikitina (Russia, Saint-Petersburg), ICO Advisor,
Lawyer with huge experience, Director of marketing
department on the IT-company from Russia.I am in team of
TOP ICO Advisors from USA, India, Singapore, Canada,
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Baltic States.Top marketing
and legal consulting. ICO marketing, ICO Promotion,
Linkedin Promotion,etc

Jared Polites

  Location: New York, NY

Job Title:

Marketing Specialist (40+ ICOs) | ICO Advisor

New York-based blockchain marketing specialist and advisor.
To date, I have worked with nearly 40 ICOs helping them
raise over $250 million.


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